Penfield well represented at collegiate level

After thinking about it, I decided to look into the players in our program that have gone on to play at the college level.  Listed below are the players I can think of off of the top of my head.  Feel free to contribute any addtional names by e mailing me at

Fall 2010

Luke Lawatsche  Nazareth


David Evans Stevens College

Matt Sutherland Ball State

Fall 2006,

Kyle Gauger Lees McCrae

Ellis Walsh Nazareth

Fall 2005,

Kevin Kirchhoff  Nazareth

Ben Foster   Endicott University

Fall 2003,

Kyle Giunta Vassar

Fall 2000

Rich Newton Lees McCrae

Fall, 1998

Rick Brazener Juniata

Fall 1997

Kevin Fisher New York University

Fall 1990

John Eisenberg New York University

Fall 1990

Kris McMonagle      Purdue University club team

Fall 1988 

Scott Zanni  Maryland Club team

Fall, 1983 

Greg Kennedy Cornell University

Fall, 1980 

Peter Norman Princeton University